You can use this search facility to find out whether a named road is maintained by the County Council as Highway Authority. It is not a comprehensive list of all roads in Leicestershire but most are included for informative purposes.

  • This database does not include any roads in the City of Leicester or Rutland County, for this information please contact Leicester City Council or Rutland County Council.
  • Some paved areas such as garage access and grassed "open space" areas may be maintained by another local authority, for this information please contact the relevant borough, district or parish.
  • For a common land, town and village green search, please contact the Land Charges department of the relevant district or borough council.
  • Roads maintained by the Highways Agency are not included in this list (e.g. Trunk roads and motorways), please contact the Highways Agency directly for this information.
  • The extent of adoption (carriageway, footway and verge) cannot be inferred from this search, please see our highway enquiries web page if you require this information.
  • For information on public rights of way as shown in the Definitive Map of Public Rights of way, please contact Community Services.
  • This database does not specify the classification of a named road (i.e. whether it is an A, B or C road). To find out the classification of a particular named road, please call customer services on 0116 3050925.
  • For land or property search enquiries, please see our Local Searches web page.
Highways Act 1980 - Section 36(6) & (7) and Additional Information
This search tool fulfils the County Council's requirement under Section 36 of the Highways Act 1980 to maintain a list of publicly maintainable highways. To improve our service, the County Council also lists the status of roads that are not publicly maintained (e.g. roads under Section 38 agreements). This information is not definitive and details on how further information can be obtained can be found in the Searches section of our website.

Part Publicly Maintained Roads
The County Council can clarify the status of a part publicly maintained road in relation to a particular property on that road. This is done free of charge by sending an e-mail with a plan of the area highlighting the property in question, to HighwayEnquiries@leics.gov.uk, or by faxing a plan highlighting the property in question to 0116 305 6618. We will then respond confirming whether the property is served by the publicly maintained section of highway.

How to use this search tool:
To search, enter the name of the road and click "Search". If you are unsure of the road name, just enter part of it (e.g. Garden - will list all roads that contain "Garden", such as Brook Gardens, Garden Close etc).
This will give you a complete list of streets containing the entered value.

To narrow down the search,you may also choose the appropriate parish and/or district before clicking the "Search" button. This is useful for common road names such as Main Street, Church Lane etc.

Road Name

Please Note
The information contained in this website is based on records compiled by the County Council and is correct to the best of our knowledge. It does NOT however constitute a definitive statement as to the status of any particular highway. If you believe that any of the information we have provided is incorrect, please contact us.

For information regarding the extent of the publicly maintainable highway, please send a plan clearly showing the location of the property in question, along with a cheque made payable to 'Leicestershire County Council'. Fees and further information are set out on the Highway Enquiries page.

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